Ocean Opus #1

This ocean, always moving, never still, this daydream in the mind of young child.
We move courageously into the mystery whose long and silent hours are spent in the
Mirage of life.
Oh sweet Jasmine, your golden hair is magnificent, your eyes on fire with the intoxication of erotic delights I fall before your trembling knees, your the midnights daughter, Saturn reborn.

I have no idea what I am talking about but I feel quite comfortable in saying it.

It’s time we adopt the disguise and pretend we are separate, after a couple million years of discontent we climb the golden prism of electricity, impossible energy. I smoked a gram of blue dream and walked into the bedroom. Her clothes fell off her body in heat waves, her smell filled my empty mind with reckless passion. I droveimage my dagger deep into the remains of life and stepped over its bloody corpse into infinity.

A strong dark coffee, arabica beans roasted carefully with the greatest care, it’s bitterness awakens me, I am now a fully stimulated robot slave inside the central core of an oxygen atom. Extended in space, disintegrating gracefully, what wonderful laughter surrounds the equilibrium of sound.

Goodnight and farewell
Sir Ryan Scott Hancock



It feels like a gentle Bohemia outside today, just a short walk through the long grass left my mind drunk off invisible substances.

Humidity is intoxicating.

Don’t worry about my mind when I’m dying of heatstroke.
Everyone should have Monday’s off…….

Still seeking Bohemia, still waiting for her appearance.


Our gentle spring.


Your not existing properly the Madman screams at the flowers!

You would have to be incredibly dense to get offended by someone else eating meat. That would be like getting mad at the sun or angry at the wind.

Everyone is just trying to distract themselves from that fact that they are literally on a planet hurling through space at the speed of a fluttering hummingbird, But that’s ok let’s just spend our lives getting mad at random people becuase they don’t meet up to our lofty expectations of what we think a human being should be.image

The world has no future and either do you.

“I have always envied your submission to the wind.”

maya magdaleno

Laura’s Cunt

This pot taste sweet, It has a love to it, a gentle tonic.

A pleasurable escape from the unescapable.

Only you Laura could get enlightened so soon.

Too much innocence. Not enough Desire. Muffled laughter, Pause.image


I’m tired of being yesterday’s poet. image

The Whore

Praise the minister of Disguise, Praise the naked Whore.

Drink from the oceans floor the waters of Truth.

Drown yourself in Beauty, Know yourself as this….realities kissed you briefly on the lips.

Grab hold of her swaying hips, her thunderous clit.

It’s all free form Jazz from here on out. No time for time.

Your former self is dead but your still standing.

He’s arrived.

The nameless

Heretic called


I would like too suck your asshole and devour your heart with my mind.

I would like too sample the ambrosia of a million cunts and intoxicate the world with love.

Happy Trails

Smothered by the birth of day, murdered by the death of night.
An endless fluctuation of little births and miniature deaths all spiraling up to the great event horizon, like an exploding star you are born again in the mist of its fragments.

How old is this galaxy? How old is the sun? please tell me because I am not a scientist.

Science enlightens the mind, religion the heart, the Union of opposites, the blending of bodies, the molding of it all.

Orgasmic, incoherent, madness, overflowing emptiness, fundamental connectivity.

Honey Bears

imageInside the fools kitchen, a barrage of onions, with this foul cabbage we attack the politician where it hurts, in the parasympathetic nervous system, like a cloaked ninja we stealthy make our into the eye socket, bypassing the frontal lobe we begin the long journey into the middle mind, the dream center, memories held captive by invisible ghosts of the past, an infinite expanse of water flows before us, a distant emotion attach to a wilting flower.

After decades of searching this pointless piece of outsider art we realize that in order to make any sense out of the nonsense outside and within the individual must acutely activate the holographic center of it all…….the pineal region, the black hole sun, the crown vortex, so close yet so horse manure, it’s impossible to explain anything beyond that which is directly experienced through the limited sense organs of the cosmic organism.

Therefore I abandon the voyage.

Happy trails.


Nature is not a sustained note but a flux of melodic complexities, each note a divinely realized texture upon the canvass of space.
Humanity thus remains a fugue of the most impossible beauty.

Terrible lows and soaring highsimage
Endless Hells with angelic skies

Skip to my loo
The Pranava
Euphorias last disguise.

Om Tat Sat

Intoxicated by the very presence before my fluttering eyes

A spacious mind has room for everything but condominiums.

Drink and ale and listen to the flowers
Druid methamphetamine
With a Lazy Buddha

Visual surrender
Escape capsule
Of a
System failure

Complex enlightenment

Natural simplicity




Purple Liberation

Rest your weary nightshades upon my mind and watch them dissolve into fragrant birds of mystical design. Throw your golden halo of silk in my direction. Lady of the lake, I have been following you for centuries, every year on the day of the harvest moon I beckon you with chants and cradles of soft and colorful flowers. I seem to have lost my heart to your spaciousness, my mind to your liberation, I don’t know who I am anymore when I am with you. This is the greatest gift of all. The children keep whispering songs of madness in your ears at night, they keep appearing in your Chambers with candles dimly lit by little flames. When it appears that you have lost your mind, you keep going……

Girl of love, one with sight, this temptation barely named. Girl of Sight, one with love, this redemption all the Same. Bathe your children in rose water, cleanse there minds with poetry, there hearts with love. The gentle spring gives way to a narrow stream, it ends at the ocean where it becomes so effortlessly….you.

Another Sunrise Another Suicide

The Jewish Settlers have taking over my mind, usurped my heart and demolished the prison.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

imageI am leaving the world behind, the people, the places, the things, I am leaving my old self too die painfully on a vast and colorful shore.
I have to be alone, totally alone, I am going fully into nature, into the sun. I want to be destroyed, murdered by this terrible purification.

My cup became to full, the people too needy, I’ve never needed any of you, and If i did I am now asking you too let me drown.

This isn’t a suicide note, this is a sunrise.


New Joy

Toppling over the edge

I have no idea who I am and I have no desire to understand.

The flowers taught me too sing, to remain thoughtless and free.

The wind blew away my attachments, a stream surrounded by beautiful children.

The entire world is within you, this isn’t about me, it is, but No.

I was profoundly egotistical but anger has left me.

I’ve left the world while sitting still, it appears I am drowning.

Beyond Time

Beyond you and me is….


I am childish, French, Cunt. Fuck.

you’ve built yourself up high and mighty upon great hallucinations.

Find reality now or suffer.


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